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Dust Control Inquiry

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Josh Lyons LLC

Josh Lyons said,"I have used the magnesium flakes for 5 years in my arena and could not be happier with it. This is truly the very best dusty control product for your arena available. It not only keeps the ground in great shape but my horses are much healthier because of it. I can't recommend it enough. It is a MUST HAVE for any indoor riding arena."

Meritage Farms

Owner: Mike Patton
Location: Robertsville, MO
Specialty: Saddlebreds and Gaited Mountain Horses
Facility Specs:

  • 70 horses
  • 3 trainers
  • 120’x240’ Cover-All indoor arena with 3-4” of sawdust footing
  • 6 Big Ass Fans® in indoor arena
  • Large covered round pen
  • Indoor Equi-gym exerciser
Owner Mike Patton said, "This product is outstanding. I wished I’d had it from the start. The arena always looks and rides like it was just watered."

Summerfield Farms

"I found MAG® does a fantastic job at keeping the dust down in my indoor arena...in fact, there is no dust at all!  I am completely happy with the product, it is far superior to the oil-based dust control that I previously tried, and at a fraction of the cost!"

Sage Brush Farm

Owners: Mike and Kim Lintner
Location: Plymouth, IN
Specialty: Cutting Horses and Ponies Owners
Mike and Kim Lintner said, "We have been exceptionally pleased with the product. We applied two months ago, and it is dust free, even when the barn doors are open and the arena is exposed to the sun and wind. It does exactly what it claims to do. What is important is to accurately measure the depth of your soil as we did over estimate the amount needed thinking our sand was much deeper. Riding cutting horses, we work up our arena a couple of times per week. It is the perfect footing!!!"

Sleepy Hollow Acres Ranch

Manager: Jessie Timm
Location: Neosho, WI
Specialty: Quarter Horses
"We have had our facility for 4 years now and living in cold Wisconsin always throws a problem in the winter. We all want to ride and even though we have an indoor arena (72x120) it was always far to dusty to ride. It would be to the point you were covered in a layer of dust. We tried several different products like EZ All which just froze our arena anyway.. We finally heard about MAG®

Thunder's Farm

Manager: Sara Etter
Location: Bondurant, IA
"I've been to many barns that have dust control issues in their arenas. Sprinklers are only temporary fixes. Not to mention the time, puddles and Iowa's freezing winters that make them a less than desireable option for dust eradication. Hands down, the BEST product I've found is MAG® flakes.
Thunder's Farm has been using MAG® flakes for several years with great results. Our arena gets moderate usage during all seasons and the flakes make it virtually dust free no matter how much riding it gets. All with ZERO watering of the footing.
The MAG® flakes are easy to spread, very economical and they really do make the arena virtually dust free. Thunder's Farm owners, patrons and horses give MAG® FLAKES a giant thumbs up for our arena dust control solution! "


Bondurant, Iowa, USA
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