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On the Bit
On the Bit - Horse Supply in Bondurant Iowa

MAG® – End the indoor arena dust battle for good!

Are you experiencing problems controlling indoor arena dust when riding? This is not only annoying, but it is also a health hazard for you and your horse. Let us help you solve this problem for good! We ship pallets of MAG® all over the Central and Western US, as well as Canada! If you only need a small amount, you can order by the bucket through our online store. What is MAG® and why is it better and safer than other products available? MAG® is a proven humectant or hygroscopic agent that draws in moisture naturally. Harvested from the Dead Sea, MAG® is the only neutral pH dust control agent that comes in food grade purity and is backed with a lifetime warranty when purchased directly from an authorized and trained equine footings dust stabilization distributor. Read the full story about how MAG® can get rid of your dust for good here!

MAG® Ice Melt Fundraiser Opportunity

Everyone will need at least 1 bag of ice melt this winter, so why not help raise money for your organization?

  • EXCELLENT ice melt—this is a premium product!
  • 40% profit margin for your organization
  • Only pay for product you sell
  • Three sale options available
  • No minimum orders

  • Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls - Reduce Stall Boredom

    The Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls are fun and tasty treats which help eliminate boredom, stall walking, weaving, cribbing, kicking and chewing down the barn. Horses will spend hours trying to lick and grab this great-tasting ball packed with vitamins and minerals essential to a horse's everyday needs. Your horse will eat every bite; no powdery leftover vitamins and minerals at the bottom of its feeder. To maximize the time that you receive from each ball, we recommend hanging the ball in the middle of the stall where your horse is unable to pin the ball up against anything. This should allow your ball to last longer. Click here to buy the Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls!

    Freedom Feeder - Reduce Feed Waste

    The Freedom Feeder small mesh hay net allows your horses to feed naturally through a simple “restricted free access” feeding program. This system works on the principle that when horses have to work for their food, it slows down eating and causes them to salivate more while chewing...improving digestion.  Click here to buy the Freedom Feeder!