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The Equine Scratcher

The Problem:

Your itchy horse. Whether its insect bites, boredom or shedding a winter coat, your horse will seek relief from his itch wherever he can get it. The result can be broken skin or puncture wounds, not to mention missing hair at event times - and thats just to your horse. Have you ever scolded him for rubbing against the barn door? Has his scratching required you to dig a new hole for your leaning gate post?

The Solution:

  • The Equine Scratcher is designed to give maximum itch relief without the worry of potential injuries.
  • Simply install The Equine Scratcher on any vertical surface and watch your horse love the feeling he gets from rubbing either up and down or back and forth.
  • The Equine Scratcher has a no-pull surface that will not tear at your horses mane and tail, leaving those short, broken hairs that never seem to grow back.
  • For stalled horses, The Equine Scratcher has the added bonus of affording your horse relief from boredom and stress which often result in wind sucking, cribbing and anti-social behaviour.

Benefits for You

  • Avoid vet bills for puncture wounds and infected scratches.
  • Avoid costly fence repairs.
  • Avoid missing hair at showtimes (your horse, not you!)
  • Know your horse is comfortable, giving you peace of mind.